Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June in an Instagram

One of my very favorite things is turning on my phone and finding pictures like this.

Ready for swim lessons!

This is actually a frame from a video that showed Ian and Claire singing/dancing along to the opening of Frozen.  Girlfriend's got movez.

Homemade mac & cheese.  Hello, lover.

This is Claire's very favorite outfit.  I don't know what I'm going to do when she outgrows those leggings, which are her very favorite part of her very favorite outfit.

3 out of 4 children recommend squirt gun fights.  Ask your doctor if squirt gun fights are right for you!

After hoarding my canned goods all year, I'm now desperately using them up so that I'll have jars for canning this summer.  Poor planning, indeed.

The three boys in front of their very own children's garden, aptly entitled "The Green Donut Garden."
Ian is digging for gold in every photo I ever take.


Good news - I can now make good on my threats to flee the country!

The Saginaw Children's Museum is full of win.


This is what my phone looks like when Mexico is playing in the World Cup (and my family is texting).
It is so sad that this is not happening anymore.   


My sister-in-law and I took a day trip to Mackinac Island!
This is us on a boat.  

Arch Rock.  Mackinac Island is cool,  yo.

This was my $14 salad.  Expensive, but delicious.

Inside St. Ann's church on Mackinac Island.

There is a beach twenty minutes away from my house!  It is so magical!!!


Is there a more beautiful flower?  I think not.

I went here.  By myself.  I was accompanied by a choir of angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Oldschool cookbook, but it has an excellent chocolate cheesecake recipe.

Remember when this plant had leaves (yesterday)?  Freaking deer.


Meet Stella, my new BFF.  I haven't had my own bike since I was 11 years old!

My grandmother is not doing so well these days, but this picture of my grandpa holding her frail hand made me alternately weepy and hopeful.

My birthday present!  I am so excited to put these ladies up on the wall!

A weekend at Lake Michigan with some of my very favorite ladies.  There are no words to fully describe how incredible it was.

Ian!  Looking at the camera and smiling!  It's so crazy!  And he is enormous.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A true recounting of the last five minutes

Scene: I am sitting on the toilet in my bathroom, trying - in vain - to have time to myself.  The door is closed.

Ian: "Hey mom!!!!!"

Ian opens the door to the bathroom and lets Claire and himself into the room.

Ian: "Hey mom, you going potty?"
Me: "Yes."

Claire proceeds to open the cabinets under the sink.

Ian: "You pooping or peeing?"
Me: "Uh, why don't you guys go out and let me finish up here?"

Claire pulls out a box of tampons and dumps them on the floor.

Ian: "MOM.  You peeing?  Say yes or no."
Me, with an exasperated sigh:  "Yes."

Claire puts two tampons in her mouth, looks up at me, and smiles.

Ian: "You pooping?  False or true?"
Me, turning a pale shade of red: "True."

Claire, tampons still lodged in her mouth, gathers up an armful of tampons.

Ian: "Mom, you need to wipe your bum?  You need me help you?"
Me: "No, I'm fine, thanks.  Can you guys go out so I can finish up here?"

Claire throws tampons into the bathtub and laughs.

Ian: "Ok, you need to get down, you call me, ok?"
Me: "Ok."

Claire turns on the water to the bathtub, pulls the tampons out of her mouth, and licks the faucet.

Ian: "Ok.  You need me, you just yell, alright?"

Claire gathers up another round of tampons for submersion, water still running.

Ian: "Claire, we go out now, ok?"

Claire shakes her head and throws a tampon at Ian.  Ian squeals and exits the room.  She then walks over and hands her mom a tampon.

Me: "Claire, go on out, please."

Claire shakes her head.

I, exasperated and stifling laughter, proceed to take care of my business.  Claire carefully watches over everything.

I stand up to put my pants on.  Claire throws two tampons into the toilet as I flush.

I go and turn off the bathtub, which is met by shrieks from Claire.

Ian, from behind the closed bathroom door: "Mom, you take a bath?  I come take a bath with you?!"

End Scene


My dignity.  Does anybody know where I can find it?

Monday, June 2, 2014

May in an Instagram!

How is it already June?!

Behold, the photos from May:

This one is called "Eating My Feelings."

A little prelude music.

The weather was AMAZING, so we took a walk.
Ian is pointing at the thing that ruined his whole day (freshly poured concrete on his favorite part of the path).

Mother's Day gifts from school, including a beautiful drawing of Yoda.

I really, really like this kid.

Beautiful flowers in my yard!  Spring, spring, spring!

I get this look a LOT lately.

I chopped 11 inches off my hair.  The salon lady emotionally manipulated me by suggesting that I donate my hair to cancer victims in honor of a family member, which meant cutting it shorter than I had planned.
Thanks a LOT, Grandma.

Wearing pants on my head helps me poop in the potty, how about you?

Girlfriend has started picking out her own clothes.  Mixing prints is so hot right now.

My bookshelves are getting organized!  Squee!

Most of May was taken up by potty training.  My apologies.

Connor at his soccer game.  He is so fun these days.

Less than two years after dropping 120lbs, my DAD ran a freaking MARATHON.
I am alternately glowing with pride and confusion (mostly pride).

Sibling yerba mate time.

I think I was more proud of this chart than Ian.
Number one is mastered!
Number two?  ... still working on that.

Connor's class hatched chicks at school.  He was in love.

Ian's opinion of the 1st grade rainbow program.

This is how I spend soccer practices these days - feet out the car window with a good book.

My gorgeous sisters at Katie's graduation for her master's degree (MPH in Epidemiology, like a crazy smart person).

Nathan in one of my six (!!!) garden beds.

This was a good day.

Memorial Day parade!  We were feeling very patriotic.

Nothing says "thank you for your service, veterans!" like two clowns in a pick-up truck with a bald eagle.  #america
(seriously, the heck?)

I rewarded myself with this after a looong day of gardening.  Best day EVER.

I have definitely crossed the line between "casual gardener" and "special kind of crazy" with this purchase.
That said, if anybody needs this for their photography business, let me know!
(hahahahahahahaha!) (wha?!)

Bedtime snuggling with Eleanor Roosevelt.

Crappy way to start my day.

Connor may have inherited my eyes instead of Chris', but he is still freaking cute.